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ECOaction is an environmental movement with the vision of a “zero waste” community. It is set up in Banda unplanned settlement in Kampala, Uganda, to promote the benefits of an eco-friendly society “beyond trash”, where empowered and responsible citizens live in harmony with the environment. We are unique in the way we use art and culture in our practices as well as bringing in innovations.

We began as a non-profit organization in 2011 in Kampala, Uganda and helps marginalised and vulnerable groups to create income and livelihood opportunities through innovations in waste management. Building on our success, we want to expand, by creating an ECOaction Innovation Village with our beneficiaries (youth involved in garbage collection, poor, vulnerable and marginalised communities, broader community). The innovation village which will become ECOaction’s headquarters will recognize and implement our successful innovations in waste management and livelihoods improvement. This will also be a space open to partners who share our vision.

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